Project Proposal


Interviews, Week of July 6th

Due 11.59pm, Sunday, July 12th

  • You are graded on the completeness, neatness, comments, and visual style of your final assignment
  • All assignments are individual
  • Submit to Canvas before the deadline

There is no late policy for this course!

If you do not complete the assignment by the deadline, you will receive 0
You "may" be excused pending discussion with your TA


You are to propose a game that will fulfill all programming requirements and demonstrate your abilities. Your proposal should detail EXACTLY how you will build your game including a UML diagram, timeline, and detailed paragraphs explaining the game.


You will be meeting your TA or Instructor and be required to discuss the following:

  • A Game Idea
  • A Genre and Narrative
  • A Perspective
  • Ideas for Game Mechanics

Proposal Requirements

  • Detailed overview of your application
  • Proposed timeline
  • Table of project requirements with matching description of how each requirement will be met
  • UML diagram of classes and architecture of your program
  • Design rationale: why is your application worth making?

UML Requirements:

  • Class name
  • Fields with type
  • Methods with name, parameters, and return type
  • Inheritance relationships


Tips and Tricks

  • Another UML example: Asteroids
  • Include types for all fields, return types for methods, and parameters and types using the : syntax shown in the example