Final Project


Due 11.59pm, Sunday, Aug 9th.

Showcase, Monday, Aug 10th.

  • You are graded on the completeness, neatness, comments, and visual style of your final assignment
  • All assignments are individual
  • Submit to WebCT before the deadline

There is no late policy for this course!

If you do not complete the assignment by the deadline, you will receive 0
You "may" be excused pending discussion with your TA


This is your final project. It will be a game that will demonstrate your ability to use all of the material that you have learned in the course. This game should be incredibly polished

Programming Requirements

  • At least 12 custom classes
  • At least 4 sub classes
  • At least 2 sub sub classes
  • At least 1 typed ArrayList
  • Loops, Conditionals and PVectors
  • Basic shapes, Text, and Fonts
  • Images (created by you only, photoshop is fine)

Required Topics

Your game should display usage of the following programming topics

  • Inheritance
  • Polymorphism via Overridding
  • Method Overriding
  • Methods with Custom Objects as Parameters
  • Objects Declared Within Objects

Additional Requirements

  • No redundant code
  • Commented code
    • Every variable declaration must be commented: what will it be used for
    • Every method must be commented: what will it do, what are the parameters
    • Every class should include a block comment: what it is and what it does
  • Follows a strict naming convention for classes, methods and variables
    • All class names must start with a capital and each word in the name is capitalized
    • All method names begin with lowercase and each subsequent word is capitalized
    • Variables names are the same as method names
    • ALL NAMES should be clear titles representing what it is (english names only please)

Design Requirements

  • Start screen
  • Game over screen
  • HUD for health and score
  • Levels (at least 3)
  • Keyboard or mouse input
  • Physics and random movement


  • Proposal: 7% (2% + 5%)
  • Milestones: 6% (2 x 3%)
  • Showcase Interview: 2%
  • Project: 15% (12% code, 3% design)
  • Report: 10%
  • Bonuses: 85%+ -> +1%
  • Bonuses: 90%+ -> +2%
  • Bonuses: 95%+ -> +3%

Tips and Tricks

  • This is your game, so make sure you design something you like!
  • Style counts! Make sure this game is polished and looks great
  • Start as soon as possible, you've got lots of Milestones where you will be expected to show your progress